Friday, April 16, 2010

What Is "Stick Around Lettering"?

Stick Around Lettering’s vinyl letters are made of very thin stretches of vinyl. A light adhesive holds them firmly on the wall, or any smooth surface... until you are ready to remove them. Vinyl makes this lettering flexible, durable, and washable. Because it is so thin, Stick Around Lettering looks like it’s been literally printed on the wall, or other hard surface.

• Press it on, peel off backing, and admire it
• Text is prepositioned and transfers all at once
• Easily removable
• Won’t damage walls or paint
• Washable and durable
• Won’t fade, crack or peel
• Stays in place until you remove it

Choose a Font

Below are many choices for fonts. Many standard fonts, such as Times New Roman are not shown below but are also available.

Choose A Color

Sadly, it is very difficult to see EXACT colors from the chart above because each color shows a little differently on every individual computer, but this should be close.

Vinyl Lettering Prices By Inch

Pricing for Stick Around Lettering is determined by the square inches that the lettering covers, from the highest peak of any given letter on a line to the lowest low that any desending letter reaches. So when you measure the area that you want the vinyl to fit (i.e. 24" wide and 4" tall) that will determine the price of the vinyl.
For vinyl that is 24" wide and 4" tall, the cost is $5.76, as you can see from the grid above.